War Diaries of Harry's Battalion August 6th

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Firstly, I think this is excellent. I first heard about it on Five Live a few weeks ago and have been checking in every day since, after getting up to speed with the ealier material. I'm only in my late thirties, but have always been fascinated by the World Wars, particularly the First, when the sacrifices ordinary people made was incredible. I have a young son and intend to ensure that he continues to remember them. I visited the Thiepval Memorial in the Somme a few years ago, and intend to take my son there one day when he is old enough to start to understand.

With regard to the war diaries, why not upload all of them to date in one place so that we can "catch up" and include a copy in the right place chronologically to date and from now on. Provided you refer to them occasionally, people can go to find them. I know I went back to the beginning when I first visited your site.

Please keep this going. I think it is hugely important. The last surviving British soldier who served in the trenches is 109 years old and once he's gone it will be harder and harder to keep people interested in what is one of the most important times in our history.

All the best.

Ed Quarmby, Cornwall

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