Letters Resume - Harry Wounded

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hats off to you! A taste of history to be sure. Yahoo did good to put this on the fore-front so to key interest. Most of our nation is now "history brain dead" and it shows in the stupid mistakes we make, over and over and over again - all the way to the top. Maybe this will spur some interest in a subject as important as math and science. More needs to be done. Thanks.

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Blogger TLC said...

Texas Yank here. Really enjoying this. Just read several of the Wordsworth Military Library Series on WWI (Loos,Mons,1916 Somme,Jutland). This puts a face to it.


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Anonymous Mac said...

Great Blog. I fully agree with the anonymous comment. My great uncle was on the Somme and my father a POW in WW2. Nowadays I meet graduates who haven't a clue who McMillan or Kennedy were. How can so many know so little of our nation's past. Cenotaphs are inscribed "Lest we forget". Rings a bit hollow doesn't it. Thanks for bringing a little bit of history back to life, albeit from a tragic time. I will definitely continue to follow Harry's story.

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Anonymous codders said...

iam 64years old and knew men who fougt in the first war .all my life ive been in awe of every last one of them from both or all sides bvc

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Anonymous said...

Great job!

My Great Grandfather died in Belgium 1916 - on the other side... unfortunately I don't know much about him, only that he is buried near Kortrijk.

Hopefully Harry made it home...