Happy Christmas

Blogger Kittybriton said...

From what I've gathered from Bruce Bairnsfather's writings, I should think William's Christmas Dinner was a welcome relief from the endless monotony of "Pear and Apple! Apple and Pear!" jam.

12:40 AM

Anonymous Rebecca said...

Encouraged by the item on Broadcasting House this morning I spent the afternoon reading Harry's blog pages from the start to where he's at right now. Thank you for sharing these letters. It makes you realise how family stories can so easily be forgotten and yet how important they are to be remembered. Especially against the backdrop of something as horrific as WW1. Good luck with the rest of the project - which I sincerely hope will last at least into November 2008! (Not knowing Harry's fate, I mean.)

2:39 PM

Blogger wilfred said...

Thank you for your time and effort in making this stuff avaliable. but most of all thank you for your initial inspiration . . . excellent

3:28 PM

Anonymous thursdaysarefun said...

Brilliant, keep up the good work. Fascinating reading.

2:22 PM

Blogger Lila said...

I read about this blog few hours ago, and started reading, thinking about my grandmothers dads, which both died in www1. I actually live near Montebelluna, so it was really shocking to me to think about your granddad in Italy and my ancestors in Hungary...

10:20 PM

Anonymous Pat said...

I have just found this site curtsey of MSNBC. With a 9 year old boy who loves anything to do with WW 1 and 2, I hope to get him to follow this in order to give him a real perspective as to what war is really like.
I almost feel like praying for Harry but it would be of more use to pray for the many who today are fighting a war for others who may or may not appreciate what the freedom of democracy really means.
Thank you for adding this I'm sure it will be a much needed learning experience for us all.

9:10 PM

Blogger garym said...

first time,really enjoying these pages .thank you !

12:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read about you blog in a New Zealand newspaper and immediately began to read Harry's letters. When I got to a letter that mentioned a H. Bentley set me to wondering if he could be a relative of my husbands, our last name being Bentley and both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather having Henry as either their first or middle name.....will have to do some digging and see when the family emigrated ...... love the letters and appreciate the time you are spending on this project that is keeping the world rivited.....Jan Bentley N.Z.

10:36 AM

Anonymous medeiros/moju said...

Oi, Bill Lamin;

é impressionante e ao mesmo tempo facinante as cartas escrita por seu avô, na primeira grande guerra mundial, sempre gostei de guerra dos relatos das vitorias "glórias", mas com relatos de seu avo e com as guerras do Golfo, Cosovô, Afeganistão, Iraque e agora do Quênia, me abriu a mente para um ponto muito discutido, os civis que ñ tem nada com isso, mas na realidade quem sofrem são eles, que vêem sua nação afundar em miséria, doenças e mortes, por causa de um governante que inveja por alguma fonte de riqueza como o petróleo, gostei de você ter repassado esse fato histórico para nos estudante pois nosso senso crítico aumenta muito mais e termos uma visão ainda maior sobre os problemas da humanidade, muitos criticam o nosso País, como uma nação covarde que não tem registro de grande feito nas duas guerras mundiais, mas nosso País é abençoado por DEUS, por não haver conflitos, furação, terremoto... só a corrupção de nosso governo que me envergonha, por ser brasileiro...
esse fato vou repassar para os meus filhos de 6 e 2 anos, para que ele lute sempre pela harmonia entre as nações.
um grande abraço...
Clecio Medeiros
Tecnico em Agrapecuária

4:03 PM

Blogger Janet said...

wonderful idea! this is great history!

9:24 PM

Anonymous Steve said...

Very interesting that you only have one letter from Harry to Ethel. One would think that there would have been dozens written between the two and some of them would have been saved.

Nice blog, very educational and interesting.

1:52 AM

Anonymous BillMO said...

This is such a brilliant idea. I shall read all of the post until I am upto date. I expect it will take a couple of days as tomorrow is a very busy day for me.

I exect this will start a new trend in blogs.

6:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

me entere en un periodico del comercio sobre esta cartas y hoy estoy leyendo con mucho apego sus cartas bey

4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice and very inovate. :-)

8:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love your stories my college art teacher loves it too.

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