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Anonymous Greg's granddaughter said...

About the souvenirs - my Grandad, who served throughout WW1 and was wounded in the Battle of Polygon Wood, Passchendaele, had a little collection of souvenirs from his time in the Somme area in enamel brooch with the name of the town Amiens, a little silver-coloured ring engraved "Somme", and a rosary with markings from the Somme battlefields. I think the people in the towns and villages servicing the needs of the huge numbers of soldiers behind the lines made a living how they could, including selling them souvenirs! Apparently, the front in France and Belgium was always simply referred to as France. Oh, if you don't mind a little correction, The local name for Ypres is Ieper, not Leper.

4:45 PM

Anonymous Leah said...

The lace card is beautiful. I have one of them myself, except it is wishing a merry christmas. My Grandpa gave it to me several years ago and I keep it safe. There was penciled writing on the back which has since been erased, and I can't make out the shadows so I don't know who it was to or from. But I can assume it was mailed by his father, who also was a WWI British Veteran, to a family member. I'm am only starting reading the blogs, but am really enjoying them.

7:06 PM

Blogger puzzzler said...

I recently visited Liberty Memorial and the WWI museum in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. They had very poignant collection of souvenir postcards sent from soldiers at the front. To a rural family from wheatfields of Kansas, a postcard from France would have been a wondrous thing.

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