3 Days in the Front Line- Heavy Casualties

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The site is fantastic.

Unlike us the family would be reading about the war everyday in the newspapers. This would make them aware of major events etc without yet knowing how Harry had been affected.

Is there any way of providing a link to any newspaper source day by day in parallel .

10:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a fantastic piece of history i only hope lessons are learnt thank you for putting these letters on ..brilliant

12:27 PM

Blogger ojoconelsordo said...

Good, fantastic history lessons
From Bolivia Percy Herbas.
Muy interesante blog, la historia verdadera de un soldado ingl├ęs.

5:08 PM

Blogger sarah said...

how many wars did you serve in ? i am currently in u.s. history class and would like to use your information in my national history day project. and by the way love the blog 2!

1:44 PM

Blogger John said...

was it the first Passchendaele offensive that there was mud everywhere.

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