Letter to Jack December 1st 1917

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A real shame a blog of this nature is full of google adverts - very insulting.

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The owner is spending his time, his computer getting this blog updated. Not to mention his family history. If you dont like the adverts, simple dont click on it.

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Blogger Melody Haven said...


I have a question: In war, killing is not murder, but when you kill someone you are not at war with, it is a crime. It's either kill or be killed. What are your feelings about this?

7:51 PM

Blogger the other cold one said...

A reply to melody haven:

Siegfried Sassoon, a world war one poet, with a very dark, cynical and sad viewpoint on war, received a medal for bravery, killing four German men in a machine gun nest single handedly. If I remember correctly, he said: 'It was not bravery, I had no choice. Either I lived, and they died, or they lived and I died'. The sanctity of human life should be held up at all times, but perhaps only those like Harry can really understand what goes on when at war. In my own opinion, it was still a useless waste of human life. Think how our world might be if it had not happened. But it happened, and may happen again.

6:46 PM

Anonymous Jim said...

What a superb blog, a friend pointed me at it.

I will certainly be looking for updates here.

Thank You

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Anonymous Lynne of Plymouth said...

I have read this blog with great interest. My grandfather was also at Paschendale, he survived.

I will definitely come back as I need to know what happens.

7:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How different our world is from those soldiers that faught in the 1914-18 world war; or is it?

We have more troops away in far off countries than ever before and, although communications are far better and life prospect infinity, one wonders what today's equivalent of Harry will seem like in another three generations?

Thank God that we survive because of others sacrifices! Those of us who have never experienced war cannot and will never be able to appreciate the horrors of it!

3:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this blogg.

Will we as a race ever learn that war solves nothing, it only creates thousands of lost lives and many more scared for ever.

Yet, in a way we have the 21st century's Harrys serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; families still facing the dreaded call signifying the loss of a loved on fighting for his Queen & country. One wonders how future generations will view war with the benefit of videos etc?

Friends have told me that if you have never experienced war it is impossible to understand it; I thank God that I have no "understanding" of their suffering.

3:28 PM

Anonymous Justin said...

Would somebody please explain the meaning of *coy* as referred to frequently in the letters

3:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Coy is an abbreviation and refers to "company."

9:59 PM

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Thanks for this. Always been interested in WW1 and the conditions and experiences the troops endured. This is a fantastic blog and I shall be returning to see what develops.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack is fighting for us all if it was not for him and the boys in world war two things mat have been different i call these wars the meaningful wars. The one that is being waged now is a meaningless war my son is fighting for what we don't know?

5:20 AM

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A great blogg, very different, just like a story.
Best regards from Iceland

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