Dawn Attack - Sunday Morning

Richard Laughton said...

Great BLOG and I am sure it will be read and followed by many of us here in Canada that are part of the CEFSG (Canadian Expeditionary Study Group). We have an index page of Canadian Soldier Blogs and we an add your site to that list if you wish to do an exchange listing. You will find us at http://cefww1soldiername.blogspot.com/ which is the standard format (change the name to get to the individual blogs). Richard Laughton, Milton Ontario CANADA

Anonymous BobB said...

This interesting blog makes me recall a poignant, evocative song about WWI front lines, called "Foxhole", by the '70s NYC alternative band Television. I don't know of other songs about WWI by any rock band, making it unique, so far as I can tell.
YouTube has a live BBC version from '78. In case it may be to some readers' musical tastes, here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/2fpswt

Blogger TLC said...

Let's try this again. Texas Yank here. Find this really fasinating. Just read several of the Wordsworth Military Library Series on WWI (Mons, Loos, 1916 Somme, Jutland). This puts a face to it. Thanks.

M.Terry L. Combs

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