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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have just discovered this wonderful historical weblog. this is what i see as a perfect use of the new online multi-media tools, such as blogging. history and discovery, on a personal level. i am sure it has been a labor of love for you, and i thank you for what i am sure will be an enriching experience for myself.

i do have a question.
is it possible for you to include a photograph of the grave/gravestone of the final resting place of katie and connie? i love the history resplendent in cemeteries, and the constant mystery of what stories those headstones could tell, if only... well, this unique blog would be a 21st century way of connecting the history and mystery.

i have often wondered if i myself could take on such a task, perhaps photographing small rural South Carolina cemeteries, and then finding bits and pieces of the history to go with the tombstones.

thank you, from across the pond...

5:23 AM

Blogger Jennie Around the World La La La La La said...

have you found out more about that son?

12:23 AM

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