At The Front

Anonymous Johann Tasker said...

I heard about your blog on Rhod Shrap's Up All Night programme on Radio Five. It is indeed an excellent idea and I shall be following Harry's letters with interest. Well done.

12:45 PM

Anonymous Rachel said...

I find it really amusing how Harry and my Grandpa talk in exactly the same way when they write in letters, but I suppose that is how they were taught!

I am really enjoying reading these letters as well I think it is a great idea. I took history as one of my standard grades so this really interests me, we have been studying the Second World War, but this is still great to read!

Were any of your family in the Second World War? If they were did they write letters like this and were the letters preserved?

If they were I think you should defiantly post them to, that would be really interesting as well!

Keep it up!

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