Private Harry Lamin

Blogger Peoples Hernandez said...

Great blog!!!! I'll certainly follow it!

4:53 PM

Blogger Angel Nodal said...

this blog looks great, but question. Under the profile it says born August 1887, but on one of the october 2006 posts it says 1888... was this a typo?

11:03 PM

Blogger Rita said...

Nice blog! I will follow it. I have just discovered it now.
War is a experience that brazillians had never experienced.
Greetings from Brazil.

2:14 PM

Blogger Mike said...

The original birthdate was in error. It's fixed later on where he received a birthday card.

10:51 PM

OpenID nemma said...

Do you know if Stanton Ironworks was in Stanton Hill Nottinghamshire?
I live in Stanton Hill and would be interested to find out where the ironworks were. I know there was a pit in Stanton Hill, as my house is one of the pithouses!

12:01 PM

Blogger Reb said...

Just read about this blog on CNN. What a wonderful idea! About Harry living with Jack, another possibility is that Harry was sent there to give him an opportunity to attend a better school or something. Or perhaps his mother was in poor health and unable to care for him. Or perhaps he was somehow working to help Jack. Lots of possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

In reply to nemma,s query about stanton ironworks. It is in ilkeston. I worked there in the sixties for about five years.
My father worked there for 47 years.Its name was stanton and staveley, part of british steel.thousands of people used to work there, but much of it has closed down now.