Letter to Sister Kate

(army)Wife said...

This is a great blog!

However, I have to disagree with your assumption that this letter and the letter to Jack were probably written on the same day. He gives his address to Jack, yet not to Kate because he will be moving soon. Why tell one he is moving on, but give the other an address? Also, in Kate's letter he says that he did write to Jack and Jack seems to be getting on well. I read that as he recieved a letter back from Jack in response to his letter.

Thanks for the comment. I may well be wrong. I've tried to work out the dates of the letters without a date but need to put in more time to be absolutely confident. I'll have a look at this one - eventually! BL

Anonymous Heida Sigrun said...

If I may say so.. this is a great blogg....
And I wish there were more of them.. but If I may ask.. Why do you think the letters ar written on the same day...??

with regards a reader from Iceland..

I must investigate. BL

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