Harry's War Starts Here

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you consider scanning the letters and putting the images of the letters up online as well?

9:08 PM

Anonymous Terry said...

As I drove home today I was rivited to a radio broadcast featuring this blog and these wonderful letters. I look forward to following them. Thank goodness they were saved!

ps. I was listening to "The World" on "National Public Radio." Dallas, Texas. USA

2:42 AM

Anonymous diana said...

Thank you for sharing your family and a look to our past. My English heritage runs deep through my Texas roots
I just became aware of this site and will be catching up with the postings. The blog was introduced through a computer site.
Dallas/ Ft Worth Texas

5:56 PM

Anonymous little brother said...

I listened to BH yesterday. I'm looking forward to catching up on the year!
I too would be interested to see the original letters.
Thanks for all your efforts.

10:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seen this in the Daily record today. Exellent!

12:12 PM

Blogger taz said...

I had seen your storie on MSNBC, I think that it is great anytime we can take a look in the past. You have made your grandfather come alive again and that is great. I also just purchased a book called Behind The Lines by Andrew Carroll, it is a book of letters from as far back as the Civial War. Can't wait to see the outcome to this blog.

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