Letter to Kate 23rd November 1917

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What could powder refer to? talcum?

2:05 AM

Blogger Thepit said...

7 Miles does not seem far to most people. But for those in war 7 miles can take weeks of moving forwards, backwards then forward again. KUDOS to you for Bring some memory out of the real forgotten war!!!

10:23 AM

Blogger Mike said...

That's not a lot of weight by modern standards, but keep in mind their rucks were inferior, their shoes much stiffer and rough on the ankles, and the terrain likely rough and not even well graded, certainly not paved.

I read Rickenbacker's diary a while back. The beginning of WWI was basically the US Civil War with observation aircraft and a few machine guns, to start with. The technology advanced a bit, but not tremendously, as the war went on.

I assume powder is either talcum powder or powder for some minor but annoying infection like sweat rash or ringworm.

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