Letter to Jack, 17th October, Book Deal.

Dino said...and now we're quite near to the end.
Harry, stay clean, there's only few days, and it will be over.
Dino, an Italian very proud of english that fought a mad war for us
October 28, 2008

Kittybriton said...I see from the papers this morning that the Italians launched an offensive in the mountains two days ago, but progress is slow. Stick to it Harry, and may God Himself watch over you.
October 25, 2008

Leah J. F. said... If you get a chance, watch the Canadian film "Passchendaele" staring Paul Gross. It really puts you there, and will give you a taste of what Harry and all the other soldiers who fought in WWI went through.
Lest we forget.
October 24, 2008

G. Tingey said...Silarnon: Read the preceding posts.
Battle of Veneto, 24th October - Austrian collapse. Armistice and cease-fire on that front on 4th November. OK
October 23, 2008
Of course, Harry knows any of this. And, we can't consider his future. We don't know what happens to him. Silarnon is quite right about the peace treaty. The terms were not agreed and signed until June 1919. BL

Silarnon said...It's very exciting that Harry is at last coming up on the cease-fire, though I wonder when the fighting will actually stop for him.
And there would still be uncertainty about whether he gets to go home, with the peace treaty not signed until June next year.
October 21, 2008

G. Tingey said...CORRECTION! After 19/12/1915 when there was a bad landslip cutting the Dover-Folkestone railway line....Most TROOP trians went to and from Folkestone, and most of the Ambulance trains went to and from Dover.
A lot more information on this, which affected all troops, unless they were on "the Staff" (and had special trains) can be found in an out-of-print book.
ISBN: 0 85361 2781 "The South-Eastern & Chatham Railway in the Great War.
Harry would have experienced all of this, including the free travel warrants, and the free food made available at the two London Termini used (Charing X & Victoria)
October 21, 2008

Paul Harding FAIA said...V. is definitely for Vicenza, not Venice. Venice is a series of islands and is remote and out of the way. I spent 10 weeks in Venice and the Venetto Province during grad school so I know the area quite well.
October 21, 2008
Thank you Paul. I was just assuming...BL

Doctor Pion said..."However, I am very keen not to lose the simplicity and directness that seem to have worked so well in the blog."
A suggestion. I've read a few books that achieve that goal by separating the original text from the much more detailed commentary. One key is to use a completely different typeface in addition to physically separating one from the other on adjacent pages. You can read the original historical material straight through or digress into the explanations without having to jump from chapter to chapter.For example, you could have the War Diary itself (with maps) frame the letters to put them in context ... but always making the letters the prominent part of the story.
October 21, 2008

lom said...well done on the book deal, I too shall buy a book, I just love this blog
October 21, 2008

G. Tingey said... From the other pages - referring to Harry's trip home on leave ...
The postcard shows Ilkeston GNR station. But from London, he would most likely have come from St. Pancras on the Midland Railway, to the other Ilkeston station, in the Erewash Valley - probably changing at Trent. There is also reference to the cross-channel shipping routes.
The principal embarkation port was DOVER, with some coming via Folkestone. Dover Marine Station had been opened, just as war started, and was requisitioned entirely for military use. The SECR didn't get it back until after the war was over.
There was also the huge military port at Richborough, with a train-ferry, but this was not used for personnel.
Some wounded were landed at Queenborough/Sheppey, but normal troop-transit was Dover only, with Folkestone for special purposes.
October 20, 2008

JW said...Dear All, 'Phase 4'has been opened via the JW ,Overview of the Italian Campaign in the side menu.
Things have been 'steady' for a while, albeit with c.14000 artillery shells a day during July being fired up in the Asiago sector by the British alone, still great danger for Harry and the boys when in the line.
Open page, go to bottom and click on the 'Ph 4-Things are bubbling' link for some insights.
October 19, 2008

Pamela said...
Great news about the book! I shall definitely buy a copy. Congratulations.
October 19, 2008

John Meier said...For Bill Lamin: Congratulations on gaining the book contract. Well deserved. Let us know when you will be ready to autograph the first edition.
For G. Tingey: Thanks for the look ahead.
Vienna, VA
October 19, 2008

Anglers rest said... I am so glad to hear that Harry's story will be published. I'll be getting a copy as soon as available - congratulations. October 18, 2008

Anonymous said...Congratulations on the book: I'll be getting a copy as soon as I can! And hang in there Harry: we're all praying for your safe return home!
October 18, 2008

Anonymous said...I do hope we hear of Harry's fate before the book comes out.
October 18, 2008

Steve said...That will be a world seller.
These are memories from the normal guy that cannot be lost, and a book is the perfect solution. I will buy it.
October 16, 2008

Hook said...As it looks, Harry will be in or near the center of the upcoming final Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Let's hope the best
October 16, 2008

Sgt. Sam Avery said...Hello Harry: So glad to hear you are getting on alright. I've landed in England with the 103rd and am now on the way to Bordon. From there we continue on to France. Stop by for a read if you have the chance. Regards, Sam
October 16, 2008

G. Tingey said...Try looking HERE for what's coming up:
and HERE for a summary ....
October 17, 2008

Anonymous said...It seems Harry doesn´t feel comfortable marching through the landscape and for the situation of the soldiers. Luckily we now know war will end soon. I hope he´ll come home healthy.
October 17, 2008
Of course, Harry has no idea when the war may end! BL

Anonymous said...Still really enjoying the blog- thanks. Keep sending letters Harry! I would like to hear that you survived the war & all the illness that followed the war! October 17, 2008

Blogger Kittybriton said... Chin up, Harry! I don't think the Hun can keep it up too much longer. The only way I can see that they could keep the fight going beyond next summer is if they forge a new alliance.
October 17, 2008

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