Letter from Private Hunt

Kimberly Carrillo said...Not sure if he survived, but here is a link on Private W. Hunt:
July 11, 2008
There were quite a few Private W Hunts. I'm not sure that this is the same one. It would be a lovely link if it were. However, our Private Hunt was in a different Regiment - K.O.Y.L. I. He could have changed. Thanks for the link anyhow. BL

Anonymous said... What a sad letter. Poor Pvt. Hunt. Jackie July 11, 2008

Anonymous said...So sad: he's wounded, I'd guess his wife died while he was at the front (and he seems to have even missed her burial!)and it sounds like he in the midst of a prolonged hospitalization. I don't suppose any one knows what became of Pvt. Hunt, and if things ever got better for him?!? July 10, 2008

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