April, 2010

Nick said...I just found your grandfather's blog and have been reading his letters through from the start. Thanks for sharing them. This post more than any other brought tears to my eyes. It really brought the story home to me when I realized that your father was the living link from WW1 to www.May 08, 2010
This is the post Nick is referring to.

Gordon Currin said... Have you commented, or can you comment as to how it came about, that Harry's father had to sell his farm and become a laborer.Chicago
April 21, 2010
I have no firm evidence, but the family story is that there was drink involved in the process. I've heard that Henry senior lost a finger when a plough (plow) lurched forward. He was at the time, perhaps, a little the worse for drink? BL

Chica Andaluza said...Bill, Will we be hearing about how Harry lived out the rest of his life? Am intrigued to know how he got on after all he went through. Thanks so much for a truly wonderful blog.
April 21, 2010
I think that will have to be the very last post. BL

Tom Maher said...I wondered about that as well. I thought maybe it was the makings of another British delicacy (like blood pudding and etc.) unknown to those of us on the Western side of the Atlantic .:) St. Louis
April 21, 2010
Tom, I think you're referring to "black pudding". A wonderful, large sausage shaped delicacy made from blood. It used to have pea sized lumps of fat mixed into the matrix of blood, rather like currants in a bun, but, in these days of health conscious eating, they seem to have disappeared. A "full English" breakfast consists of a bacon, eggs, tomatoes, black pudding, fried bread and sausages - all fried in lard. Arteries complaining at the thought! BL

Anonymous said...I like how the farm auction notice lists "Live and Dead Farm Stock"! Kate's biography merely confirms the picture I already had of her: a strong-willed woman indeed!
April 17, 2010
Farm sales today (at least in the U.K.) consist of "livestock" which is, of course, the animals, and "deadstock" which is the equipment and machinery.   BL

Anonymous said...Ah, so that explains it! I had this picture in my mind of both live and dead cattle.....
April 18, 2010

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