Anonymous said...I had to look up “nurse child”; such a sad concept. Of course, it provided an explanation in turn for Connie’s place in Harry and Ethel’s household. Thank goodness for them providing her with a loving home. The sampler is all the more special for the mistake – Annie must have been concentrating hard on her stitches!
February 20, 2010

Anonymous said... Am enjoying these stories about Harry's family. I miss the blog but am so happy Harry made it safe. Will be checking often to see how rest of his life went on. Thanks Bill, this is history at its best. A loyal reader in US.
February 19, 2010

Anonymous said...Love the blog and sad to see it coming to conclusion. Can I ask what the deliberate mistake is in the sampler? I keep looking at it and not seeing it. Thanks!
February 19, 2010

Pte Harry Lamin said... Shall I give it away? We're too familiar with words and so don't look at them properly once our brains have decoded them. I'd guess Annie got a ruler across her hand for this - or similar. BL

February 20, 2010

Anonymous said...Ah yes, now I see it. You are correct my brain was seeing what it thought it should be seeing, not what was actually there.
February 22, 2010

Anonymous said...True :) but you'd be amazed how people love solving these sort of mysteries. Did you say George had a middle name? I vaguely remember that but can't see it in update? Could there be a Lacey family connection?

Could the father be Mr Hutchinson? Or have I been watching too many 'Upstairs Downstairs' type dramas? :) I have solved a similar situation in my own family history, it's not impossible to do so, even at a distance. I am working on others. It may be possible to find out who Connie's father was much more easily - I think you noted she had a middle name that might have been the surname of her father? By the way I've really enjoyed your project and am really enjoying the updates now. Thank you.
March 05, 2010

I don't know of any middle name for George so that isn't much help, I'm afraid. I suppose I could ask Ken, in Australia, if he knows anything about his grandfather. Connie's middle name was Wilkinson. That may a direct link to her father. I did have an email about a Mr wilkinson that sounded promising  but, when I followed it up, got no further contact. BL

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