Book Feedback.

lyndyloo said...HI Bill! I'm really enjoying the book...thanks :) It is very moving and and as I read, I also remember my Grandad. He never spoke about the trenches but he did write down some bits and pieces ...and as I told you, his hair went white overnight at the tender age of 17. Yes, he lied about his age to enlist, as did many, many others. Lynn
June 12, 2009

Sgt Sam Avery said...Hello Harry:
Glad to hear you're still kicking but sorry to hear about the transfer. Had a bit of bad news myself recently when I lost my stripes due to reorganization. A common occurrence but still sour apples. Just do what I do: Pack up your troubles in the old kit bag and Smile, Smile, Smile. We're about to get into it proper where we are, so stop by for a read when you have the chance. Cheers, Sam
June 04, 2009

Gustav's great-granddaughter said...Today (June 7) I received a notice that Amazon-US "will have the book available beginning June 1", and that they will send a further notification as soon as it is available..... all of which is so confusing that I'm glad I got mine straight from the author! Thanks, Bill, for saving me from having to figure out what the heck Amazon is up to! (PS- I couldn't help it, I've read ahead.)
June 06, 2009
I've edited, very slightly, this comment. Just removed a reference to a timescale. I know you'll understand and won't mind. BL

Anne said...Makes me feel like somebody at home needs to remind the 'powers that be' that there are still men out there who seem to be being ignored. I never realised that they were left languishing for so long.
June 04, 2009

Kristin said...Who is Annie and why will Ethel and Willie be losing a house now? I wonder how much longer they can keep moving Harry around and preventing him from going home.
June 01, 2009

Annie is Sarah Anne, Harry's sister. As far as I can tell, Ethel and Willie had moved in with Annie for the duration of Harry's absence. Whitworth road is a mile or so (1.6 KM) from Mill Street and is in a much smarter part of town. (As a young child I used to get my hair cut in a barber's shop on the residential street, Whitworth Road. My first school was just across the fields.) I suppose that if Annie gets married, Ethel and Willie will have to move back to the Mill Street address. BL

Anonymous said...Darn it, sounds like Harry's gotten stuck in a poor situation. And being such a poorly-regarded sort of unit, they won't be on any short-lists even for things like clothing and supplies. Hang in there, Harry!
May 31, 2009

Theknitbox said...I've been following Harry for over a year and even the happy letters still make me cry. To give a little bow to the greatness of this blog, I'd like to humbly pass on the Lemonade Award - an informal acknowledgment of appreciation between bloggers - for being an inspirational blog. Click back to my blog to find out how to pass it along.
May 30, 2009

Kittybriton said...Bad luck about the move old man! I'm ashamed the brass didn't see fit to get you back to Blighty after all you've done too.
Not to worry, we'll keep the home fires burning, and a pint waiting for you when you get your boots off.
May 31, 2009

John said...I too have been through the review. It is really good. Thanks for the great work. Hope this good work would continue.
May 27, 2009

Paula said...My copy of the book arrived yesterday morning: thanks, Bill! So far I've only skimmed through, but it looks great: lots of expanded explanation of what was happening, lots of photos. It's a beautiful testament to Harry and all the others who served in the Great War.I'm diving in in-depth today, and I'm going to TRY to stop with May 1919.... not sure if I have the willpower, but I don't want to 'skip ahead' of Harry's letters in this blog! With much appreciation; Gustav's great-granddaughter (AKA Paula, the computer Luddite)
May 19, 2009

Yantram BPO said...This is great. I am favouriting you and will read from the beginning soon.
May 15, 2009

Kittybriton said...I wonder whether Harry is asking for something he can wear during off-duty hours? Guarding a dump! How much longer can the Army drag it out?
May 15, 2009
Different times Kitty. Soldiers would have to wear uniform if they went out in off duty times. No, they just didn't get new kit when the old stuff was worn out.

Anonymous said...'Send an old shirt'? Any idea why? I mean, I would've assumed that the Army kept the soldiers well clothed, but this sounds otherwise.
Also, Harry sounds pretty depressed; understandable, since the war's been over for months and he's STILL not home.
May 14, 2009
The soldiers were poorly equipped and, in an out of the way place, just wouldn't have supplies of fresh clothing and kit. Throughout the war, the soldiers would wear anything, within reason, to keep themselves comfortable. In an earlier letter, Harry's pleased to receive woollen goods but lets them know that he has to carry EVERYTHING, so he has to be selective about what he keeps. (Chocolate and cake, no problem!)

The Clever Pup said...I love the idea of a site like this. Well done. I've been tracking some French Soldiers from the 54th artillery that I found on postcards from a french auction. I also have clipping and letters from a Canadian soldier of WW1.
This is great. I'm favouriting you and will read from the beginning soon.
May 13, 2009

Janell said...Congratulations once again, Bill. Anyone who hasn't heard of Harry's Blog and the book, Letters from the Trenches, must live in a cave. I hope the book is a best seller.
May 10, 2009

Anonymous said..Whoopee, I've got my order in! But.... what can I say? I'm a bit a a Luddite: I didn't see anything about your signing it; I don't need it personalized, but I WOULD like your autograph in there. On the other hand, I don't want to mess up and accidently make a second, completely different order. Will you be signing all the ordered books --- in which case my screwup is taken care of!
May 09, 2009
All books I dispatch will be signed. There is a request for an email to me syaing exactly what dedication is wanted. I'll try and alter the Paypal button to request the dedication details. BL

Nanny (Shirley) said...Bill - I ordered from Amazon US and no delivery date as yet. I would LOVE to have one directly from you with your personal autograph (would go with my stamps) - thanks, Shirley
May 09, 2009

Anonymous said...Are you sure you want to do this? I'd bet you've got a lot of US readers, we might sprain your signing hand! (But yep: I'd love an autographed copy, if you're really willing!)
May 09, 2009

bill said...Hello Bill, I'm in the US, but I ordered the book from, and received it last week.
May 09, 2009

Janell said...Thank you, Bill. I will be happy to pay what ever the cost to receive the book from your loving hands. You continue to be a tribute to your grandfather and if he is able, your father no doubt takes great pride in his son's efforts to enlighten the world about one soldier's fight in The war To End All Wars.
May 09, 2009
I should have the ordering details by Monday. The postage to the States is about £7 ($12) but The book will be quite a bit cheaper than so, overall, it won't be too much more expensive than buying in the States. (And it'll be a signed copy) BL

Anonymous said...I've had a pre-order in with Amazon(US) since January; they've been saying 'we'll tell you as soon as its available' since mid-April. So when I was at a bricks-and-morter bookstore yesterday, I asked about it; the book is not listed on their upcoming titles. Sigh. I'll hang on a little longer, but the Amazon (UK) option is going to look better and better each day!
May 08, 2009

Rocco said...As a foreigner follower I'm not able to write in English a learned comment (found this expression on my English-Italian dictionary) on my GREAT appreciation of Bill's book. I expected a book taken from the blog, letters and some comments, I found instead a real history-chronicle book in which I'm accompanied and I learn the little and great reasons of Harry's adventure. I'm loving (arrived at page 100, 1st period in Italy), Bill's contributions between the letters, they are really involving and extremely clear. A lost teacher but a gained writer. Criticism?: too short!!
May 08, 2009

Janell said...We in the United States wait impatiently for the book to arrive. Perhaps the blog will end, at the time the book arrives. But I imagine I will start at the end, no matter when that is.
May 07, 2009
There seems to be a small problem in the States. There are negotiations to find a U.S. publisher for the book. Until that is resolved, it is going to be difficult for Amazon to satisfy their orders. (So my publisher tells me) It may be sensible to cancel the order with and re-order through which is delivering. BL

Anonymous said...If the cow is grass fed, as I'm sure these were, the drippings were actually healthy!
May 08, 2009
A comment about the training camp food "bread and dripping" from 1917! BL

Louise Lewis said...The problem is that we book buyers have been following the blog in 'real tima' for some years, and we don't wnat to learn the ending in 'advance'. My book is waiting on the shelf ready to be read and appreciated in the future when the blog finishes. Nevertheless, I can say how much I appreciate the work and effort you have put into the project and a glance at the book shows it to be handsome indeed. Thank you for all you have done
May 07, 2009

Jo Allen said...Such an achievement Bill, saw a copy and feel I must go and buy one now, looks and feels really good. Never had my name mentioned in a book before! hope it does well for you, you deserve it.Jo
May 06, 200

Linda said...Sorry Bill should have posted before, I have been reading my copy for the last week, I am not rushing to finish, just enjoying it slowly, it just seems the right thing to do (still haven't decided whether to go to the end), it's absolutely brilliant, I had forgotten lots of things and the war diaries really come into their own, I have only just realised how important they are, I was always in such a panic for the letters.
You should be very proud of this book, I get the feeling that it will be a stayer for many years to come.
I have read the review, really good, it sums it up perfectly. Linda
May 04, 2009

David said...My book arrived in good time, I started to read it and am doing so slowly, so as not to get near the end before the blog does. I imagine other readers are doing the same. Few are in a position to give a full resume!
I am very impressed with the technical quality as well as the amount of material you have amassed, and its presentation. You have made a brilliant job of writing a book on its own account, not just a rehash of the blog.
You have really done Harry justice - and I also think the BBC probably pinched the idea of following up letters home in their series of programmes last November with celebrities (memorably, Dan Snow and Rolf Harris) meeting historians at the battlefields.
May 03, 2009

Anonymous said...Great article for technology educators. I shared it with my colleagues here in the states. Thanks for all the great work.
May 01, 2009

Sgt Sam Avery said...Hello Harry: Too bad about being involved in occupation instead of going home, but at least it's better than being occupied with keeping your head down as I am. Just got some ready made smokes tho, and believe me they are grand. Stop by for a read when you have the chance. Sam's blog
May 01, 2009

I've added scans of contemporary newspaper reorts on the Fiume issue, found by Rocco, as there seems to be quite some interest. Click here. BL

Steve from Croatia said... Fiume(Rijeka) is town in Croatia. Name means river (there is a river in town). In Austro-Hungarian monarchy it was separate territory goverend by hungarians but mostly Croatians and Italians lived there. After WWI Italy claimed Rijeka but Yugoslavia and people from Rijeka had different ideas. For brief time (until 1919) english, french and american troops where stationed in Rijeka. I don't think Harry would like that: it was probably not peaceful job.
April 29, 2009

Anonymous said...I dont get the connection with the Wiki-link and the comments on the "Fuime job". Is the link correct?
April 28, 2009
The link seems fine to me, explaining a little of the history of Fiume, or
Rijeka as it is now known. Is the confusion with the name?
Rocco said...The following link (from Wikipedia) could be interesting for non Italian people: the FIUME job, as Harry calls it, was a terrible problem, whose consequences continue today for those Italians who were forced to leave Fiume or for those who decided to remain there. A hard destiny anyway for thousands people.
April 28, 2009
Harry's still spelling it FUIME. He can't be reading Rocco's comments. Thanks for the link Rocco. BL

Kittybriton said...10/6 a week bonus doesn't sound bad! At this rate of going, they'll have you in the regulars yet!
April 28, 2009

Gordon in Chicago said...What is the "Fuime job" reference?
April 28, 2009
A whole load of Harry's battalion were sent to Fiume (Harry spelt it wrong) on policing duty - a sort of United Nations job. The ownership of Fiume was disputed - the Italians laid claim to it and there was the potential for civil disturbances. It would appear that the rest of Harry's battalion (apart from poor Harry) was sent home for demob. BL

Rocco said...I got a mail from Amazon.UK: the book has been sent to Italy! Looking forward to it. My English-Italian dictionary is going to effort a hard job. 2nd good news:getting the book from IBS (an Italian kind of Amazon, very good for Italian books) I discovered it would cost 24,59€!!!!!Quite TWICE!! Thank you Bill for ALL you did
April 26, 2009

Inverness said...I will get myself a copy, but after the end is known. I know I would be reading the book from back to front.
April 26, 2009

Linda said...It's arrived! got it yesterday. I have stroked it and smelt it (like you do with all new books) and flicked it. I am going to find a quiet corner today and try my hardest not to look at the end.
April 25, 2009

Anonymous said... Darn it, no word from Amazon(US) on when they'll be shipping: "we'll notify you" is all she wrote.....
Oh well, don't know if I'll have the fortitude anyway to set the book aside and not read it until AFTER we finally get word that Harry's home: maybe it's just as well I've got to wait to get hold of it!
April 23, 2009

Heather B. said...I think that the heart and soul you have put into the project will show. Even not having seen a copy, I am sure I am going to love it.
April 23, 2009

Linda said...Yes Amazon have just let me know that my copy is in the post.. marvelous. I am glad that you haven't gone right to the end, I was a bit concerned that I would have had to read it all, even though I promised myself I wouldnt. How can you possibly be worried about how the book has turned out, it has been such a marvelous journey for us all, we could never be disappointed. Well done you!

Linda also said...see above comment, I obviously didn't read your post properly (blonde moment) - so now I am back worrying again!!!
April 23, 2009
Let's be clear, the book reveals ALL. (Actually there are a couple of minor extras I've discovered after pressing the "PRINT" button. They'll be in the second (and subsequent) editions.) BL

Anonymous said...You just keep this going. I have been watching this from almost the beginning here in Illinois USA. I will buy the book for my son AFTER this blog is finished because I don't want to know the end, yet. This is part of my morning ritual. BTW, I looked up the General Beauman, ...interesting dude.
April 23, 2009

Al - London said...Just got my email from Amazon confirming dispatch - just in time for my holiday next week , can't wait to start the adventure all over again !
April 23, 2009

Linda said.. sooo 'citing, the only thing is, do I read it to the end! or would this be spoiling the story. Anyway, can't wait for my copy
April 23, 2009

Cheryl (Pool School ;)) said...Congratulations Bill - amazing idea, with deserved success after all your hard work. I'm sure the book will be equally as treasured. Many congratulations again! x
April 21, 2009

maclaird said...Most excellent news. I have had this book pre-ordered at Amazon for ages and can't wait to read it.
April 21, 2009

Givinya De Elba said...Congratulations, Bill. What a labour of love. Kate, Qld, Aust.
April 18, 2009
Don't hurt the flies, just smash the uke. BL

The Dotterel said...Congratulations! (That means my copy won't be long now!)
April 18, 2009

Rocco said...More than the near arrival of the book, the fact that Harry is leaving Italy and he's "very nearly in France" gives me the feeling that my burrrowing efforts in Harry's adventure are going to an end. Ciao to everybody, for the moment
April 19, 2009
"Don't count your chickens...." , " Many a slip....", "It's not over until the fat lady...." etc. etc. BL

Paul (NZ) said...Congratulations Bill - Who'd have thought this when you published the first letter. I know what you mean about not wanting to read it in case you find an error - If there is one, I'm sure there'll be a lot of people who'll let you know - in the nicest possible way of course!! I wonder if we in New Zealand will be the first to get a copy? I think not..Excellent work Bill.

April 20, 2009

The Dotterel said...Just ordered my copy today. Congratulations on a tremendous achievement. Proud moment for you, and a fitting memorial to a brave soldier.
April 03, 2009

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