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Rocco said...World Book and Copyright Day. World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event on 23 April, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. The Day was first celebrated in 1995. Bill, better date couldn't be found!
January 28, 2009

Anonymous said...As Harry is an 'English' Soldier it is quite appropriate that it should be published on St.George's Day :o)
January 28, 2009

Marcy said...I'm very excited to report that I just pre-ordered the book from!!! :)
January 13, 2009

Heather (aka Mum) said... I stumbled across your - well your Grandfather's blog, just now. I'll look forward to exploring it! Cheers from the Yukon, Ca.
January 04, 2009

Kittybriton said...It's good to see that Harry has got his pipe. I hadn't realized it, but thinking about it of course, anyone who went to fight would have had to leave their job. Presumably things would be easier for the first home, so I hope you get back to work alright Harry, and the army doesn't keep you dithering overseas forever!
January 03, 2009

Doctor Pion said...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My grandfather also spent quite a few months in France after the war ended. Many of his letters from that time detailed his irritation at the mismatch between what the recruiter told him and what actually happened when the war ended. As I recall, he barely made it back to the US in time to start the fall semester at college in 1919.
January 02, 2009

Marcy said...An American woman named Elizabeth Tyler went to France with the Red Cross in Aug. 1918 as an interpreter and to help resettle displaced persons. After the war, she stayed on and wrote some wonderful letters home to her family. Sadly, she died of bronchitis, probably part of the flu epidemic, in Feb. 1919.
January 01, 2009

G. Tingey said...It would appear that demobilisation lasted until April/May 1919 - info. from a short book on the railways in WWI. Troops had to be brough home from a very large area, and, of course there was also the occupation, temporary or "permanent" areas of former enemy territory - though that work would largely have been given to "regulars".
December 27, 2008

Linda said...Wishing you a very happy new year, I know I shall have one - got my book on order! I can't wait. Very best wishes to you and yours.
December 28, 2008

Janell said...Bill, Thank you for all you have done to stimulate interest in and educate us all about World War I, through the letters from your grandfather. You have described a simple man who clearly endured pain and hardship that none of us can imagine. Initially, I was naive enough to think they would all board the nearest train or ship and return to England, but I see that they must have other plans for him. I imagine he and the others still in Italy are very disappointed about missing Christmas with their families.
December 27, 2008

John in Ohio said...Bill - What a wonderful Christmas present it is to all of us to know that Harry will be returning home to his family. Thank you for what an incredible effort you placed to bring us his story. I hope that 2009 brings you continued success in telling the story and that 1919 brings Harry some well deserved happy times as well.
December 26, 2008

Pamela said...Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing Harry's letters with us. Looking forward to reading the book now.
December 25, 2008

Ken said...Mr. Lamin, Thanks for sharing Harry's story with all of us. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2009.
December 25, 2008

Nanny (Shirley) said...Bill - Happy Xmas and New Year to you too. This project I know has been very time consuming but yet so rewarding. Again - thanks for bringing it to us - I look forward to keeping up with Harry in 2009 - Shirley
December 26, 2008

Sgt Sam Avery said...Hello Harry: Have a merry Xmas, even still encamped at Tavernelle. That we haven't been knocked off yet is something to give thanks for at least. At Neufchateau we are continuing the hard work of being ready for the line. Stop by for a read when you can. Regards, Sam
December 24, 2008
Link to Sgt Sam Avery's letters (91 Years time shift!)

Robert said...I have only today found that my Great Uncle is buried in Magnaboschi. All these years we have had his brass plaque on our mantlepiece and I never knew where he was resting. Beautiful place and we plan to visit in the next year or so.
November 11 2008
Apologies Robert, I've just found this comment. BL

ERIC SHACKLE said...A story about WWI blogger Harry Lamin and WWII blogger Doug Mayman has just been published by OhmyNewsInternational. It's posted at
December 24, 2008
Thank you Eric for another great plug. BL

Janell said...I await the stamps ordered soon after they were available and look forward to ordering the book, when Amazon notifies me of it's availablility, here in the USA.How disappointing for Harry to not be in the group sent to Tavernelle for discharge. Will wait for his next letter.....
December 23, 2008
I've chased the stamp order with the suppliers. I am currently checking that all others who have ordered have received their stamps. I was assured by "The Westminster Collection" that orders were being sent out promptly. New orders are now being dealt with by myself directly to ensure rapid service. BL

Oogie McGuire said...Any chance it will be available in a kindle format? I'd love to get it if it is.
December 22, 2008
I have no idea at the moment. I'll have to consult the publisher after the Christmas break. BL

Anonymous said...I was afraid Harry wouldn't make it home for Christmas. Oh well, the bright side: the war is over and he WILL make it sooner or later! Any idea how they're choosing who goes when? At a guess, maybe it's whoever was next up for leave.
December 22, 2008

Francie said...Its been a pleasure reading about Harry my Great Grandfather Pte John Campbell 5th Cameron Highlanders served also but never saw the end of the war d.o.w 5th Oct 1918 all we have is 1 letter and the telegram so it was a pleasure to read and maybe understand what these poor men went through thanks and I look forward to reading the book. Yours Francis Lopez
December 19, 2008

Bryan's workshop blog said...Congratulations! It's so exciting to see yet another blog->book translation.
December 19, 2008

Pete from the US said...This book looks fantastic! I've been a loyal reader of Harry's since reading about his blog on MSNBC over a year ago. Should you ever make it back to the US (specifically the Philadelphia area), please post when online. I would be interested in speaking with you.
December 18, 2008

Anonymous said...Hope you can now relax and enjoy Christmas and the New Year. thank you so much for all you've put into the 'blog'. Presumably, if Harry does make it for Christmas, there'll be no letters, but at least we won't be as worried as last year. However, there was the flu ...
December 18, 2008

mrchristian said...Congratulations on such a great project. I look forward to seeing the book here in Canada. What in the world would Harry think of all this fuss ?! Now a book, no less ! I can't wait to see if Harry makes it home for the holidays !
December 17, 2008

Mrs. Johnson, Teacher-Librarian said...Congratulations, Bill! This is a wonderful achievement. I look forward to seeing the book here in Canada, too.
December 18, 2008

Marcy said...I'm all set to buy it when it's ready here in the US. Will you do a speaking tour when it's published here? I'd like to chat with you about a stop here..!!
December 18, 2008

Anonymous said...I've pre-ordered! Can't wait to see the finished book!
December 18, 2008

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A story about WWI blogger Harry Lamin and WWII blogger Doug Mayman has just been published by OhmyNewsInternational.

It's posted at