Rocco's pictures of Asiago

enfieldian said...Some very poignant photographs. Rocco Chiarolanza must be congratulated on the way they have been depicted. 13 May 2008

anj said...Vera Brittain's (Testament of Youth) brother Edward was killed and buried at Granezza, Asiago Plateau 1918. Is this anywhere near where these photo's were taken? Read the account of the battle in 'Vera Brittain, A Life" by Paul Berry and Mark Bostridge (page 131).
April 28, 2008

Rocco said...
Yes, it's exactly on that place! Edward's burial stone is in The Granezza cemetery, 2nd row, on the left.
May 09, 2008
That is a great result! Well done Rocco. BL

Anonymous said...I don't know if you want to post someone else's website address or not, but I found a site, , that is full of photographs of WW1. And if you click on the section "pics by mad photographer Frank Hurley", you can find a photo of two soldiers firing their Lewis gun.
May 08, 2008
Some great pictures on that site that give a very strong impression of the conditions in Flanders. (I have no problem with links, it's links to advertising sites that I object to!) BL

Andrew said...Let's hope Harry hasn't a headstone in these pics....God, I hope he gets home in one piece. Lest We Forget.
May 06, 2008

Anonymous said...They are indeed stunning pictures, and it's good to know that these hallowed places are so well looked after. Rocco, you're a wonderful photographer, and I hope you send many more!

But a question: the cemetery seems divided by those stone walls into sections. The 'central' section, the one with the altar?, has a small flag on the side of each individual marker. Most, but not all, of the flags appear to be Italian, as well as the three stripes of color laid into the grass. Am I right in guessing the soldiers in that section are the local boys, so to speak, and are the other sections also laid out by nationality?
May 06, 2008

The cemetery is split into sections by nationalty. My next task is to copy over Rocco's title for each picture, then that will become much clearer. Time is always a problem. I wanted to get the pictures in place first. The detail will follow. I felt the one picture absolutely demanded its title - I'm sure that the readers will agree. BL

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