Letter to Jack Sunday March 17th

Julie said...15 kms on the first day, followed by 25 kms the very next day! To what purpose, I wonder?
Until I saw this image I had imagined them marching through land akin to the centre of my country - how wrong can one be!
March 19, 2008

Lou said...Ive just read the whole blog from the start. Heard about it some time ago on Radio 4 but only just got round to it - so glad I did. Loved Wilfred Owen at school (36 yrs ago) and still remember lots of his lines even tho I failed the exam. He was saying the things that people like Harry couldn't express - except between the lines. You really can feel between those lines...
Thank you for this brilliant blog - well its the first one Ive ever read as I'm quite new to this all.
I'll be back tomorrow. Thinking of you Harry, keep on keeping on - Lou x
March 17, 2008

Julie said...Harry gets regular copies of a newspaper. I wonder how much is blacked out? No way of knowing I suppose. However, he does seem to know that the war is coming to an end sooner rather than later and is appreciative of the conditions vis-a-vie France. Quite a long letter.
March 17, 2008
I don't believe the newspapers would be censored after publication. There would have been some control over what made it to the page, I believe. BL

Blogger Delk said...So good to hear from Harry again. I actually hold my breath whenever I visit this page, hoping to hear from him again. I really, really hope Harry makes it back alive.

Thanks for such a gripping and emotional project!Anonymous said...it is possible that the shift of days could be because of the leap year this year?
17 March 2008

Yes, the problem is the leap year. There was no February 29th in 1918, unlike 2008. BL

Marcy said ..:I'm so glad to see this letter! I was worried that Harry had been wounded or killed and the next letter would be from the Army. He sounds in pretty good spirits and this is quite a long one. I wish I had an Italian/English phrase book to send him. The military made phrase books for the soldiers to use in France, did they make Italian ones too...???
March16, 2008

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